Interests include: Hiking, backpacking, climbing, running, good graphic design, specialty coffee, hoppy beer, red wine, wild flowers, mountains, and travel. Currently residing in Denver, Colorado.

I believe the photograph is the result of both human and machine working together to create a balance between the reality on the other side of the lens, and the perceived reality of the photographer. What draws me to the medium is the tension between the recording of truth, and the reality that all photography is a form of concision — the idea that the human in charge of the camera chooses what the place in the frame of the camera, therefore also chooses what to leave out. This is something I think about every time I pick up my camera to photograph. My goal as a photographer is to balance what is happening on one side of the lens with what is perceived on the other end, resulting in a photograph that is both reflective of reality, and reflective of the photographer.